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In our latest installment of AIIA SA's 'Diplomacy at the Bar' series held in the Austral Hotel, Associate Professor of International Security Tim Legrand asks whether the global demise of liberal democracy be reversed?

Despite the efforts of liberal international institutions, our speaker notes that 2020 was the 15th consecutive year of decline in global democracy for more than 2.5 billion people living in illiberal or authoritarian countries, with severe limits on fundamental freedoms of association, speech and assembly.

Yet while the ideology of liberal democracy is under assault by the metastasising politics of authoritarianism, liberal democratic states have not been complacent. Indeed, the post-WWII security alliance of the Anglosphere - the Five Eyes - has in recent years undergone a sea-change in its structure, capacity and strategic aims. It is increasingly an alliance not just of like-minded defence partners, but a shared enterprise aimed at curbing or turning the tide against autocratic regimes.

In this AIIA SA talk, Tim Legrand will set out the renewed strategic vision of the Five Eyes, and ask whether this alliance has the capacity, the will, and the moral authority needed to reverse the global fortunes of liberal democracy.

Join the discussion and meet some fellow international affairs aficionados in a more informal setting.

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