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Australia's partnerships with Denmark, Norway & Iceland are focused on our common challenges – including climate change, protecting the polar regions, and the geo-strategic disruption caused by Russian aggression and China's rise.

As Australian Ambassador to Denmark, Norway and Iceland, AmbassadorKerin Ayyalaraju sees the practical benefit of Australia's engagement with these countries on an everyday basis – benefits which flow in both directions.

Like Australia, Ambassador Ayyalaraju's host countries Denmark, Norway & Iceland each have strong records promoting democratic values & the rule of law.

Norway is the world's fourth-largest shipping nation in terms of value, and Denmark is the sixth largest in operating tonnage which make them important stakeholders in the Indo-Pacific.

We share significant interests in deepening cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic, where issues in one region are reflected in the other. Climate change, scientific research, sea and air access routes, tourism and geopolitics require increasing cooperation and careful navigation. Danish company Knud E Hansen designed Australia's new Antarctic ice-breaker, the RSV Nuyina, while Australia and Norway share a long history of cooperation and a land border in the Antarctic.

With ambitious climate targets and as leaders in the development of renewable energy solutions, Denmark, Norway and Iceland offer opportunities for investment, development and green technology in Australia. Danish and Norwegian developers are investing billions in Australia's green transition, while Iceland offers unique technology for carbon capture and storage.

Australia stands to benefit from close engagement with these principled and disproportionately influential nations.

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** Photo: Mads Fjeldsø Christensen


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